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  February 2, 1987 - July 1996
Lost to Brain Tumor

Owners: Rory and Beth Downey & Rory Downey, Jr.

Since I was a child playing with my grandmother's Boxers, I had always wanted a Boxer of my very own. Finally, when I married and started my own family, my dream came true and Chelsea became our very first Boxer!

Chelsea came bursting into our lives as a rambunctious energetic bundle of puppy!!  She was a pet, not a show dog, but she was a very loved member of our family.  Chelsea was given her name by my son who was only two years old at the time. Chelsea and he literally grew up together and they immediately formed a very special and undeniable bond.  They were inseparable. I would smile watching him have conversations with her like she was another little person and as she devotedly followed him everywhere in his day to day childhood excursions in the house and about our yard. 

When my son was a little older, Chelsea slept in bed with him every single night and was there for him whenever he needed her. When he would get upset, he would hang his head and then say, "Come on Chelsea", and she would follow him faithfully to his room where he would sit on his bed, hug her, and bury his face and his tears into her, and she would comfort him.

She gave us nine wonderful happy years and then, in 1996, our beloved Chelsea developed a brain tumor.  One warm July morning, she started having non-stop seizures and we knew the time had come to let her go.  Tearfully, I drove to the baseball field where my now 11 year old son was playing ball. I told him it was time to say goodbye to Chelsea.  It was one of the hardest things as a mother I ever had to do. Hurriedly, he walked off the field, leaving his game to go and say goodbye to his dearest friend.  I will never forget how it broke my heart to see my young son laying there in his baseball uniform on the floor of a private room in my vet's office tenderly holding Chelsea, kissing her, loving her, and saying his tearful goodbyes. After an hour, we finally had to tell him it was time and we lovingly sent Chelsea to be with God in Heaven where she was freed from her pain.

The memories she left behind are forever in our hearts - she blessed us with her spirit and further enhanced my passion for the Boxer breed. We were so very blessed and so fortunate to have shared our lives with a life as precious as Chelsea....


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