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November 29, 1996 - July 21, 2008
Lost to Degenerative Myelopathy

Sire: Ch. Omega's Hellfire "Fire"
Dam: Philamalie at Wits End, CGC "Molly"

Breeders: Rory and Beth Downey
Owners: Mike and Kathryn (Kay) Vano

Health Testing:
Echo & Holter Clear
Thyroid Normal


Misty Tango was named after a Maryland fishing boat I used to encounter whenI worked as a marine law enforcement officer for the Maryland Natural Resources Police. I always loved the name and so I named one of my show puppies after this boat!

Misty was sold as a show puppy to Mike and Kay Vanoin New York and she went on to become their first Champion Boxer. Sadly, Mike passed away before this ever happened but Kay and I knew he would have been so proud of that day! Misty also gained her Canadian Championship in addition to being an American Champion!

Misty lived almost 12 wonderful years and Kay just adored her. You could see it in her eyes how proud she was of Misty and Misty was with her where ever she would go. The day she had to let Misty go was so incredibly sad. Kay had lost her best friend and constant companion but she never stopped talking about her when ever I would see her. Misty left an everlasting impression on Kay's life and she cherished those memories of her sweet girl.

Two years after Misty's passing, on May 2, 2010, Kay passed away unexpectedly. There is no doubt in my mind that Mike, with faithful Misty at his side, were waiting for Kay at the Bridge and they are all three together once again....

Misty's Pedigree
Ch. Omega's Hellfire (Brindle)
TuRo's Escapade, SOM (Brindle)
Ch. Marquam Hill's Traper of TuRo, SOM, SOMC, LOM (Brindle)

Am/Can. Ch. Mephisto's Vendetta, SOM  (Brindle)

Ch. TuRo's Whisper of Five T's,  DOM, DOMC (Brindle)  

Ch. TuRo'S Touche, DOM, DOMC (Brindle)

Ch. Benjoman of Five T's, SOM  (Brindle)

Ch.  Holly Lane's Baubles (Brindle)

Ch. Omega's Sweet Liberty (Brindle)

Ch. Aracrest's Talisman, SOM, LOM (Brindle)

Ch. Omega's Rockfire, SOM (Fawn)  

Can. Ch. Aracrest's Velvet Sensation  (Brindle)
Ch. Omega's Maja (Fawn)

Ch. Omega's Rockfire, SOM (Fawn)  

Omega's Windfire,  DOM (Brindle)
Philamalie at Wits End, CGC (Brindle)
Ch. TT's Shazam at Wits End (Brindle)

Katandy Talisman's Delusions (Brindle)

Ch. Aracrest's Talisman, SOM, LOM (Brindle)

Ch. Talisman's Katandy Hi-Jinx (Brindle)

De Miro's Tarnished Tuppence (Brindle)

Ch. Marquam Hill's Traper of TuRo, SOM, SOMC, LOM (Brindle)

Ch. De Miro's Rosa De Lejos, DOM (Brindle)

Philadel's One in a Million (Brindle)

Ch. Talisman's Vigilante, SOM (Fawn)

Ch. Aracrest's Talisman, SOM, LOM (Brindle)

Ch. Talisman's Chantilly Lace (Fawn)

Philadel's Cinnabar (Brindle)

Ch. Marquam Hill's Traper of TuRo, SOM, SOMC, LOM (Brindle)

Philadel's Kay De Did (Brindle)

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