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Whelped May 15, 2015

Sire: GCh. Am/Can Ch. Rikar's Crime of the Century, SOM "Justice"
Dam: Ch. Amity Hall's Mariposa, DOM "Maria"

Breeder: Beth Downey
Owners: Angie Pancoast and Deb Seeley

Health Testing:
Echo Aortic (pending)
Holter (pending)
Thyroid (pending)
DM Heterozygous/Carrier
ARVC Negative


Swagger lives in Canada with his owners Angie and Deb. They are over the road truck drivers so Swagger gets to be with them all the time and experience the beautiful sites in Canada they frequently stop at along the way! He is incredibly spoiled and is a very happy outgoing boy who loves life!

He very quickly garnered his Canadian Championship and Grand Championship and went on to win multiple Best of Breeds and Group placements! He has also achieved even bigger wins by going Best in Show and Best in Show Specialty in Canada with his handler Cheryl Jennings! IN additiona to his Canadian Championship he garnered his AMerican Championship as well! As a breeder I couldn't be prouder of all Swagger has accomplished!

I am so thankful to Karen Deschembault, the owner of Swagger's sire, for introducing me to Angie and Deb. He has an amazing fantastic home with them and they adore this sweet rambunctious boy!

Swagger's Pedigree
GCh. Am/Can Ch Rikar's Crime of the Century, SOM (Brindle) Ch. Gemstone's Diamonds N' Gems, SOM, CSOM (Brindle) Ch. Jem's Pearl Jam, SOM, LOM (Brindle) Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM, CSOM, LOM (Fawn)
Jem's Pearl of Manor Hill (Brindle)
Gemstone's Diamond Destiny (Fawn) Ch. Pentastar's Hi-Tech Challenger (Fawn)
Classic's Dealer's Choice (Fawn)
Am/Can Ch. Berlane N Bravo's Hear Me Roar, DOM, CDOM (Fawn) Ch. Berlane's Causin An Uproar, CDX, SOM, CSOM, LOM, CLOM (Fawn) Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM, CSOM, LOM (Fawn)
Can Ch. Berlane's Just Causin Kaos (Brindle)
Can Ch. Berlane's Aimin High, CDOM, TT (Fawn) Can Ch. Bayview's Clean Sweep, SOM (Fawn)
Am/Can Ch. Bayview's Wish Upon A Star, DOM, CDOM, LOM, CLOM (Brindle)
Ch. Amity Hall's Mariposa, DOM  (Fawn) GCh. Amity Hall's All About Me, RN, CGC, TT   (Fawn)
Ch. Raineylane's Different Drum (Brindle)
Ch. Raineylane's Marshall Dillon, SOM  (Brindle)
Ch. Raineylane's Havenrun Sweet Sioux (Fawn)
Ch. Amity Hall's Rock The Casbah, CGC, TT   (Brindle)
Ch. Amity Hall's Record Braker, CGC, TT (Fawn)
Birchwood's Blazing Hailstorm, CGC (Brindle)
GCh. Amity Hall's Ticket To Vegas   (Brindle)
Am. Can. Ch. Encore's Bismark, SOMG, LOM  (Fawn)
Am. Can. Ch. Berlane's Causin An Uproar, CDX, SOM, CLOM (Fawn)
Am. Can. Ch. Encore's Chianti, DOM  (Fawn)
Ch. Raineylane Amity Hall Ambiance, TT   (Brindle) Ch. Raineylane's Marshall Dillon, SOM  (Brindle)
Ch. Amity Hall's Rock The Casbah, CGC, TT   (Brindle)

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