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December 22, 2002 - October 4, 2011
Lost to suspected Valium reaction

Sire: Ch. Raineylane's Marshall Dillon, SOM "Dillon"
Dam: Ch. Amity Hall's Rock The Casbah "Cassye"

Breeder/Owner: Beth Downey

Health Testing:
Echo Aortic vmax 1.5
Holter Clear
Thyroid Normal
DM Heterozygous/Carrier


My beloved Amee. Amee originally left my home and was owned by Jack & Bridget Brown in Alabama. However, she must have been meant to be with me all along because after she achieved her Championship, Jack & Bridget asked me if I would like for Amee to come and live with me instead. I was thrilled to share my life with this very special girl!

Amee was a sweet girl but she also was a grumbler. She used to make us laugh as she talked in her grumble voice all the while giving you kisses! She used to bounce up and down in front of me as if it to say "Me Amee, Me Amee!"

One day, I took Amee in to the vet to have a routine dental done, and as soon as they gave her Valium as a pre-sedative she collapsed and died. She had always been a perfectly healthy dog and since then I have heard other stories from friends I know of their own Boxers having a reaction after being given Valium. A necropsy showed a healthy Boxer with no obvious issues. As a result of Amee's death, I have instructed my vet to never give Valium to any of my dogs. Her death was a shock and I will never forget that feeling when the vet called that morning to tell me what had happened to her, I was numb, it just felt like it couldn't be real.

I miss my Amee, when she died it left an emptiness in our home and in our life.

Amee's Champion Get
GCh Amity Hall's Ticket To Vegas "Peanut"
Amee's Pedigree
Ch. Raineylane's Marshall Dillon, SOM  (Brindle)
Ch. Arriba Talisman Ego, SOM (Fawn)

Ch. Tejelo Reflection of Hunter, SOM (Fawn)

Ch. Ewo's Tie Breaker, SOM (Fawn)

Ry-Neal's Vision of Perfection, DOM (Fawn)

Ch. Talisman's Arriba Sonata, DOM (Brindle)

Ch. Arriba's Footloose, SOM (Brindle)

Talisman's Ilex (Fawn)

Ch. Raineylane's Mustang Sally, DOM (Brindle)

Am/Can. Ch. Pinepath's Night Watch, SOM (Brindle)
Am/Can. Ch. Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM (Fawn)
Am/Can. Ch. Green Haven's Ebony at Pinepath (Brindle)

Ch. Raineylane's Showcase (Brindle)

Ch. Raineylane's Paladin, SOM (Brindle)

Cherkei's Hot Issue, DOM (Fawn)

Ch. Amity Hall's Rock The Casbah, CGC, TT  (Brindle)
Ch. Amity Hall's Record Braker, CGC, TT  (Fawn)

Ch. Omega's Solid Gold, SOM (Fawn)

Ch. Omega's Hellfire (Brindle)

Ch. Omega's Desiree (Fawn)

Philamalie at Wits End, CGC (Brindle)
Ch. TT's Shazam at Wits End (Brindle)

Philadel's One in a Million (Brindle)

Birchwood's Blazing Hailstorm, CGC (Brindle)

Ch. Claremont's Noel Surprise (Fawn)

Ch. Echo's California Cruiser (Fawn)

Claremont's Hickory, DOM (Fawn)

Prelude's Ebony Rose of Echo (Brindle)

Int. Ch. Echo's Believe It Or Not, SOM (Brindle)

Echo's Wanna Bet (Brindle)

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