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May 14, 2008 - October 5, 2013
Lost to septic infection

Sire: Am/Can Ch Encore's Bismark, GSOM "Bismark"
Dam: Ch. Raineylane Amity Hall Ambiance, TT "Amee"

Breeder/Owner: Beth Downey

Health Testing:
Echo Aortic vmax 1.6
Holter Clear
Thyroid Normal
DM Heterozygous/Carrier
ARVC Negative


What an incredibly special girl! Peanut was born the runt of her litter and she was so small I immediately started calling her Peanut. Even though she grew up to be as big as any of her siblings, she was always going to be my Peanut so her name stayed with her.

Peanut was the first of my Boxers I have shown to finish her Championship with all of her points from the Bred By Exhibitor class! We had so much fun together on the road showing and Peanut loved to go to the dog show with me! Her favorite thing to do was to snuggle her whole body into me as we sat ringside waiting for our turn to go in. She was a true snuggle bug and the most loveable dog you could ever dream to cuddle up to. She was also the big protector and so incredibly faithful. She was truly the perfect companion. When we would stay in our camper, her favorite spot was on the back of the sofa watching out the window. If I left the camper she would be positioned there watching me out the window as I walked away and waiting there watching for me when I returned.

When Peanut died my heart just shattered. She was stolen from me much too young by an infection that had spread through her body yet she never acted sick as stoic as she was until the night she passed away. That very day she was running and playing in the yard with my other Boxers, bouncing and spinning in circles with all four feet off the ground which she did whenever she became excited. The death of my vivacious girl stunned me and was truly a mystery so I had a necropsy performed. The infection was found in her spine, her brain, and had gotten into her heart which is what stole her. It was only then when I finally knew what had ripped my sweet "Pea" away from me and I was just devastated. If only there had been a sign to let me know, perhaps I could have saved her, but how do you try to fix something you don't know is there? I think I will always struggle over her death. She should have been with me for so many more years.....

I sure miss you Peepers....

Peanut's Champion Get
Ch Amity Hall's Mariposa "Maria"
Peanut's Pedigree
Am. Can. Ch. Encore's Bismark, SOMG, LOM (Fawn) Am. Can. Ch. Berlane's Causin An Uproar, CDX, SOM, LOM (Fawn) Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM, LOM (Fawn) Ch. Telstar's Good Time Charlie, SOM  (Fawn)
Ginger's Golden Glow, POM
Berlane's Just Causin Kaos, CDOM, LOM (Brindle) Ch. Rochil's Grande Marshall, SOM  (Fawn)
Can. Ch. Rayshar's Summer Magic, CPOM  (Brindle)
Am. Can. Ch. Encore's Chianti, DOM  (Fawn) Ch. Bayview Strides Ahead, A/C SOM, LOM  (Fawn) Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna, SOM, LOM  (Fawn)
Ch. Glennroe Tequila Sunrise, DOM  (Fawn)
Encore's Kaleidoscope  (Fawn) Ch. Storybook's Rip It Up, SOM  (Brindle)
Ch. Encore's Tres Cher  (Brindle)
Ch. Raineylane Amity Hall Ambiance, TT  (Brindle)
Ch. Raineylane's Marshall Dillon, SOM  (Brindle)

Ch. Arriba Talisman Ego, SOM (Fawn)
Ch. Tejelo Reflection of Hunter, SOM  (Fawn)
Ch. Talisman's Arriba Sonata, DOM  (Brindle)

Ch. Raineylane's Mustang Sally, DOM (Brindle)
Am/Can Ch. Pinepath's Night Watch, SOM, CLOM (Brindle)
Ch. Raineylane's Showcase (Brindle)

Ch. Amity Hall's Rock The Casbah, CGC, TT   (Brindle)

Ch. Amity Hall's Record Braker, CGC, TT (Fawn)
Ch. Omega's Solid Gold, SOM  (Fawn)
Philamalie at Wits End, CGC (Brindle)

Birchwood's Blazing Hailstorm, CGC (Brindle)
Ch. Claremont's Noel Surprise (Fawn)
Prelude's Ebony Rose of Echo (Brindle)

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